is a creative agency from Munich.
We build products and brands.
We listen, understand and help you make yours better.
We're strategists.
We work hard to make a difference.
And design beautiful things that work.
We know how to create content.
And we know how to code.
We're still around when you need us.
We can make people want your stuff. ❤️

Mayolove GmbH
Auenstraße 100
80469 München
+49 89 237 02 223
HRB München 189594
GF: Amir Sufi, Franz-Xaver Hartung

We build products.
What we provide: Brand development, Strategy, Design, Content Creation, Social Media, Marketing

Mono Tee - Beverage -  Mono Tee Instagram

We make websites.
What we provide: Consulting, Concept, UX, UI, Frontend and Backend Coding

Vogue - Online Fashion Magazine -
Madame - Online Fashion Magazine -
Sport1 - Sports News Plattform -
Premium - Fashion Trade Show -
SHRN - Skateshop and Brand -
Mono Tee - Beverage -
Condé Nast - Publishing House -
folio-ID - Syndication Agency -
Jolie - Online Fashion Magazine -
Seek - Fashion Trade Show -
Rummenigge Sport Marketing - Sports Marketing Agency -

We make videos.
What we provide: Consulting, Concept, Storyboard, Direction, (Post) Production, Music Production

Sport1 - Eiszeit in Deutschland - TV Ad
Sport1 - Image Campaign - TV Ad
Mono Tee - Green Tea with Ginger - Image Clip
BMW - Powder Ride - Image Clip
sloggi - A brief history of sloggi - Conference Intro
iM Football - Launch Campaign - TV Ad
Max von Milland - Red mit mir - Music Video
Vomex A - Nicht Übel - Image Clip
Oakley - Crosslink - Image Clip

We make apps.
What we provide: Consulting, Concept, UX, UI, Frontend and Backend Coding

World of Time - Marketplace for Vintage Watches - iOS App
Sport1 - Sports News Plattform - iOS App  Android App
iM Football - The Fan Messenger - iOS App
katjes - Vemoji App - iOS App  Android App