We are very proud to have been responsible for the concept, UX and UI of the app of one of the most renowned German football clubs ⚽️ playing in the Bundesliga. Commissioned by our beloved partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise we have built a wonderful, tasty and feature-rich platform that put the fan’s interest and passion in the center of the experience. For all those who are wondering: In this teaser we have created our very own football team because unfortunately we are not allowed to tell you 🤫 what club we are actually talking about… but maybe you can read between the layers of a juicy Mayo sandwich 🥪. #app #concept #info architecture #interactive #UX #UI


Mayolove X Chronext

Chronext is a German online mail order company for new and certified pre-owned luxury timepieces ⏱️. Customers can purchase new watches without a waiting list as well as pre-owned ones that are certified by the in-house watchmakers and come with an extended guarantee. We have accompanied the entire relaunch process of the brand and, together with the internal marketing team, developed a new and consistent design and visual language as well as a more inclusive tone of voice adapted to a more versatile target group moving their advertising away from a purely performance-driven approach towards the goal of creating more emotional resonance and brand loyalty ❤️. #brand #CI #purpose #transformation #UX #UI #communication #marketing



The forestry company 🌳 Schoeler, based near Bad Tölz, turned to us to create an unusual gift 🎁 for its customers, friends and probably itself. The idea was Schnapps. Or rather, gin, of which, as we all know, there is not enough 🥱. Nevertheless, the recipe is unique and so, together with Zahlersberg Distillers, a gin was distilled based on the aromas of a game dish, including roasted venison bones 🦌, cranberries, bay leaf and much more. Our task was to give this „absurd“ idea a name and an appealing packaging. Inspired by the initiator and his passion for hunting 🐗, the forest and nature, the name SK1313 was created, which is a coded reference to his own hunting ground and its coordinates. The aesthetics of the brand refer to old tinctures, special healing waters and mysterious apothecary bottles ⚕️, such as those found in the attic of his grandfather’s house 👴🏻. Just as the distillation of a spirit brings together the essence of the ingredients, we have distilled the brand from the identity and passion of its contributors. #brand #brand experience #CI #communication #packaging #print #product



Huigawerk is the offshoot of a large carpentry business with a long tradition in the heart of Bavaria 🥨. In addition to the design and construction of furniture through to complete interior fittings, Huigawerk focuses on the wood 🪵 itself. It is refined, processed and individualized and thus becomes the basis for something new. The Blüml family turned to us to carry out a complete branding of the company. This involved finding a name, a visual identity and independent positioning. The name Huigawerk was created by merging the original farm name „Hilger“ with the place where the woodwork was carried out 🪚, i.e. their „factory“. As the family’s Bavarian roots 🦷 go back a long way, dialect was incorporated into the brand and „Hilger“ became „Huiga“. The corresponding logo combines the branches of two trees as well as the initials H and W, bringing everything back together: tradition, craftsmanship with wood and the people behind it. #brand #brand experience #CI #communication #print

Fettes Wein

Fettes Wein

Franz’s sister-in-law and brother-in-law turn their hobby into a profession, live their dream and open their own wine shop 🍇. Coming from a family of French 🇫🇷 Congnac producers, this step was probably inevitable. Jenna and Louis asked us to position the young company, to create the naming and branding and to create the entire brand world. The name we came up with lives up to its promise, because they really do only serve the fattest wines 🐖. The mirrored B as a trademark is derived from their family name Balsan and serves as a visual lightweight in contrast to the „heavy“ sound of the brand name. Of course, we didn’t want to make just any conventional branding, but a brand with heart ❤️ and humor that sticks. #brand #CI #communication #packaging #print

Premium Quarterly

Premium Quarterly is a high-end paperback magazine for health, wellbeing and lifestyle that is published by Stefanie Neureuter – former editor-in-chief of VOGUE Germany. We have been responsible for the concept, design and development of the online platform while at the same time re-thinking the entire brand architecture including „Premium Kliniken und Praxen“ and „Premium Medical Circle“. #brand #communication #concept #development #info architecture #strategy #transformation #UX #UI #webdesign



VSQUARED is a venture capitalist investing in European startups from the deep tech sector. In total, the VC firm has a portfolio of 30 companies, including the likes of Isar Aerospace, quantum computer start-up IQM and battery company Customcells, and manages total assets of €400 million. We have created and developed their Corporate Identity and online platform, reflecting their deep tech focus and pioneering spirit. #brand #CI #communication #development #concept #UX #UI #webdesign



European Publishing Awards Winner