The world has never turned faster. And with it the way we live, eat, sleep, work, move, consume, interact, care and communicate. No one knows what the future will bring? Of course, we do! It’s change. And we’d better be more than just ready for it. Let’s start reimagining our businesses, so we can build products and services that add value to people’s lives and the environment. We can all make that change, but only by doing it together we will make a difference!

Our Services:
Research, Strategy, Naming, Corporate Identity, Product Development, UX & UI, Technical Development, Content Production*, Public Relations, Marketing & Advertising, Communication

*headlines, copywriting, posts, imagery, video, audio, music, sound design, …

Franz-Xaver Hartung

Co-Founder, Strategy, Creative Direction

Amir Sufi

Co-Founder, Strategy, Creative Direction

Felix Rubach

Sustainable Growth Consultant, Digital Strategy

Sabine Wagner

Art Direction, Illustration, UX / UI

Paul Wagner

Art Direction, Editorial Design, Animation, UX / UI

Christina Mayerhofer

Design, Illustration, AR, 3D

Anna Dirr

Strategy, Project & Product Management

Gina Pieper

Concept, Content Marketing, Social Media Strategy

Christian Werner

Tech Strategy, Development, Analytics

Alexander Uhlemann

Development, Research, Analytics

Daniel von Mitschke

CTO, Tech Strategy

Carla Hartung

Project Management, Production

Julia Meyn

Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Copywriting